Charlotte GAA INtra City League


2019 Schedule:

Round 1(a) May 4th

Round 1(b) May 11th

Round 2 May 18th

Round 3 June 8th

Finals: June 22nd


All games start at 10.30 and run till 12.30


All Games will be played at Ramblewood Soccer Complex

2019 Results

Week 1:

Chieftains 3:10 - 6:14 Celtic

Chieftains 4:11 - 3:07 Wolfe Tones

Gaels 14:6- Harps 6:10

Harps 4:12-Shamrocks 3:12

Week 2:

Wolfe Tones 4:16 - 4:16 Chieftains

Wolfe Tones 1:11 - 2:16 Celtic

Shamrocks 5:15- Harps 2:8

Gaels 3:13 -Shamrocks 5:15

Week 3

Celtic 2:16 - 1:11 Wolfe Tones

Celtic 4:13 - 2:15 Chieftains

Gaels 4:12 - 8:10 Harp

Gaels 13:14 - 1:11 Shamrocks


Celtic Vs Chieftans

Gaels Vs Shamrocks


It all started when…

As Charlotte GAA has grown over the years it was decided that in order to sustain the growth and promote our Gaelic games further a league within the city would be essential.

Given the challenges of traveling to find matches, one of the key goals for the Intra-City League is to create a competitive league within Charlotte. That league should provide players the opportunities to improve skills in match play, provide spectators some entertainment, and sponsors the visibility for their support.

The inaugural season was in 2012 with the by-laws and system created by Barry Given, Bill Carroll, Ronan Cleary and Kevin Devin. At this time the league was called the Tyber Trophy. It was named after Tyber Creek Pub which is a favorite venue in Charlotte. In 2016 the teams were re-named after The Workmans Friend, Connolly’s on 5th and Tyber Creek Pub in order to enhance the rivalry of the league.

We have been trying to established a league for our ladies teams and 2019 is the inaugural season for these teams.

In 2019 the Tyber Trophy was re-branded as the Charlotte GAA Intra City League with the assistance of Madeline Minogue, the clubs executive board and the Intra City League board. The tradition of the Tyber Trophy will be retained through the name of the trophy. The expansion and growth of the club has the backing of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs through its grant allocation. This will support the league into the future and increase opportunities with our continued development of players.

Each team must play the other two teams twice over the course of 3 weekends. On one of those weekends, one of the teams will be playing a double header. The top two team with the most wins enter into the final. On this day the winning team will crowned the Charlotte GAA Intra City League champions and win the Tyber Trophy.

The league is created to have each team balanced and competitive with rookies, seasoned players and some “returning from retirement,” for the glory days. All are welcome to play and join at any time. Just reach out to a member of the board or team to help you out.

The 2019 Season

The 2019 Season has come to a fantastic end. After some brilliant game play and competition, on June 22nd in the mens league the rejuvenated Chieftains beat Celtic when in the Ladies league the mighty Gaels were dominant over the Shamrocks.


Ladies Congratulations to the Gaels

Mens Congratulations to the Chieftans

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.31.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.32.20 PM.png

Prior Winners

2012 The White Team

2013 The Blue Team

2014 The Blue Team

2015 Joe’s Team

2016 The Workmans friend

2017 The Workmans Friend

2018 The Workmans Friend

2019 !!!!!!!TBD!!!!!!