Hurling can be described as a blend of lacrosse and field hockey. It is played on a field longer and wider than a football field with goals and uprights similar to rugby. The game is played with a stick, shaped with a curved, flat end for striking, and a small leather ball called a sliotar similar to a baseball.  You can move the ball by striking it on the ground or in the air or striking it with your hand.  You can also "solo" the ball by balancing it on the stick. Players may not pick up the ball with their hands.  The ball must be lifted off the ground with the stick.  You can score by playing the ball into the goal for three points or playing the ball over the goal for one point. Players can shoulder check their opponent but hits from the front or behind are not allowed.  The game is played in North America by teams of 13.  Players play back, mid-field, and forward positions. There are no off sides as in soccer.

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