In 2019 Charlotte James Connolly set out with a plan to enter 3 mens teams and 2 ladies team into the USGAA nationals.

Sadly along the route our Junior C team failed to Qualify. Our ladies teams and mens Junior A team did us proud and played some great games. Then when they were no longer able to play they remained steadfast in the continued support of this great Club.

This Support along with the immense effort of the team lead to our Junior D team being crowned USGAA Nationals Champions.

They overcame buffalo on a scoreline of 3-10 to 1-7 on a glorious sunny Sunday. This achievement was made possible by all involved from household names like Otis Peterson to new faces like Josh Phipps. The weekend saw slick skills from Zack Kessell and Ray Fumo along with power from Pat “The Professor” Hayes. While the goalie Brad was like a walrus in an ice hockey goals making some vital stops. Efforts from Nate Stowe had the buffalo defense all in a tizzy with exhaustion while Greg Ruffino may have scared every member of both teams (if not on the field then off the field in his infamous Speedo). However this truly was a team effort and all members of the panel contributed everything to make this possible.

Junior D Squad 2019:

Brad Chrysler, Conor Gorman, Tim Maghran, Joshua Phipps, Greg Ruffino, Patrick Hayes, Colin O”Donoghue, Zack Kessel, Tyler Kinch, Raymond Fumo, Nathan Stow, Joseph Therefield, Nate McGlynn, Conor Gorman, Otis Peterson, Jon Walcott, Brock Norris and Sean Barunas

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